Windows XP Cannot be Supported at All

At MotherG we want to keep you informed of changes in technology, particularly ones that will have an impact on your business. If you don't receive MotherG's world class support, we encourage you to have this conversation with your technology partner.   

                                                Windows XP is end-of-life.

While XP has been end-of-life for a considerable about of time, there is a new impact to certain programs on this operating system. 

The security and remote management software that MotherG uses to support and protect your business are no longer going to function on XP. This goes beyond MotherG, neither us nor the manufacturer can use these tools to support you.

Below are a few examples of products that will no longer be supported:

  1. ESET (antivirus)
  2. Cicsco (security)
  3. Storagecraft/Datto (backup)

The most glaring impact is that this will leave you more susceptible to cyber attacks with no way of restoring data after your December backups. 

Additionally, we will not be able to remotely access your equipment. 

Partners and non-partners alike, we highly recommend you reach your vCIO to analyze how this affects you, discuss applications that are affected and the general threat to your business' security. 

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