May 08, 2019 in Windows 7 / By Dave Davenport

Windows 7 Will Leave Your Business Vulnerable


When it comes to working with a Managed Service Provider, there are recommendations and there are “you must act now” advisements. Rarely do we sound the alarm at MotherG, but we need to today. The reason for the alarm? January 14th, 2020 marks end-of-life for Windows 7. This will leave your business vulnerable from a security, business and business culture standpoint.  

We’re here to save you time. If these five points concern you, then please continue on:

  1. Security risks
  2. Inflated payroll and equipment costs
  3. Slowed production
  4. Operational issues
  5. Employee unrest

If you still find yourself saying, “Who cares? I’ll just use Windows 7. My computers are running fine,” you have to know all updates and support will cease. That’s how you become at risk for malware and viruses. When you’re at risk, it’s like having all your doors locked, but the windows open with your social security card sitting on the windowsill.

Can your business afford a data breach?

If you’re a HIPAA compliant office, you will be in violating HIPPA without an upgrade.  Our friends at Compliancy Group wrote a great summary of what that entails. You can read it here.

We know it sounds scary, but there’s time to protect your business. Don’t feel rushed by the Microsoft pop-ups that started on April 18th. Microsoft wants you to upgrade, but MotherG can advise you on cost-effective ways to do so.

For example: If your computers are more than three-years-old, upgrading with new equipment is the smartest option. Windows 7 will continue to run, but the aging software will affect your main applications. Microsoft has a few FAQs you can read or just call MotherG for a consultation.

We will share how Windows 10 will save you from program bugs and more importantly, the features and functionality that will improve operations. Did you know that Windows 10 is built to be an advanced collaborative platform? Imagine sitting in your office working with another department on the same document. In real-time you’re able to edit a piece for a presentation and approving it along the way. What’s the value of 30 minutes of your day?

The difference of a one-time investment in your business’ equipment is exponentially lower than the cost of months of slowed production and potential employee frustration.

This is the business conversation we strive for at MotherG. We strive to prevent technology negatively impacting your operations. We help you deal with the problems of today, so you’re prepared for tomorrow. MotherG takes the pressure of technology off your plate leaving you free to run your business.

 If you’d like to chat about expiring software, or any other technology concern you might have, please call (800) 676-7374 or email us at

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