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What Is The Channel Company's Managed Service Provider 500 And Why Is It Important?

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MotherG is proud to announce that CRN®, a brand of The Channel Company, has named MotherG to its 2017 Managed Service Provider (MSP) 500 list in the “Pioneer 250” category!

The Managed Service Provider 500 (MSP500) list from The Channel Company is a highly respected aggregation of the best performers in managed services and managed security. Broken down into 3 distinct groupings, the MSP500 helps define the standard in the MSP industry and directs those in need of the service towards the most viable alternatives in the field.

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The Categories of the MSP500

The three categories of the MSP500 are as follows:

  • The Elite 150 - Reserved for more traditional, enterprise level service companies, the Elite 150 is a distinction that gives clients insight as to the most generally robust and capable MSP providers in the industry. In order to be included on this list, a company must demonstrate an ability to service clients as a total reseller, with a distinct ability to provide managed services.
  • The Pioneer 250 - This grouping is generally reserved for smaller companies with a specialty in managed services. The companies included in this list may or may not have the scale to handle a truly international client, but they are definitely at the head of managed service technology and customer service.
  • The Managed Security 100 - This is the newest grouping within the MSP500. With the need for managed security rising, the CRN felt the need to recognize companies with the ability to provide managed security. Many industries are in special need of widespread security features that can no longer be held in house.

The Importance of Choosing a Vetted IT Company

IT as an industry is different from finance or construction - there are very few public checks or effective watchdog agencies that are specifically dedicated to IT in the public sector. The industry moves too quickly for most legislation, virtually ensuring that the only proper checks on any IT company will come from within the industry. An IT company that comes to you vetted through an establishment like the MSP500 has proven itself as a viable service provider in the marketplace. That company also has a standard to hold itself to, helping to ensure its performance in the future.

Choosing the Best MSP Companies Based on Need

Companies that are included on the MSP500 have the ability to provide complete MSP services. The major groupings help clients to determine the best type of partner for their needs - the Elite 150 for large scale application, the Pioneer 250 for smaller companies, and the Managed Security 100 for clients in need of high level security.

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