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Windows XP Cannot be Supported at All

At MotherG we want to keep you informed of changes in technology, particularly ones that will have an impact on your business. If you don't receive MotherG's world class support, we encourage you to have this conversation with your technology...

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Mar 28, 2018 in VCIO

This Typical Wifi Solution could turn into a Detrimental Long-term Problem

Information technology (IT), even in most home settings, involves considerably more than a desktop computer and a modem these days. For businesses, IT requires a certain level of expertise that may be difficult to find in just one person. But...

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Tips to Budget and Plan for IT Successfully

Have you ever been stuck deciding why IT budgeting is necessary and how to successfully plan for it?

As the vCIO at MotherG I play an important consultative role for our customers. I found myself asking “what’s in it for my clients” when they decide...

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Not All IT Partners Are Created Equal

We are often asked by prospective clients, “What will you do for us that we aren’t getting today?”  Great question.  Most companies looking at IT partners focus on the technology.  Seems right.  But its not!  When you have a headache, if you...

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