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Not All IT Partners Are Created Equal

We are often asked by prospective clients, “What will you do for us that we aren’t getting today?”  Great question.  Most companies looking at IT partners focus on the technology.  Seems right.  But its not!  When you have a headache, if you...

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Warning: Are You Getting Poor Strategic Advice?

One of the most important aspects of a managed service provider’s offering is the “Strategic IT Guidance” of the VCIO. There are myriad solutions, products, directions, options, etc. The technology changes so quickly, it’s difficult just to keep...

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What is a “Best-In-Class” MSP?

When you hire a specialist for your IT needs, what do they do for you?  Do they provide reactive support when you have an issue or something doesn’t work right? Perhaps adding a new laptop or workstation for your office, a new printer, maybe a...

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Tablets and Business

We can all agree that tablets (such as the iPad) are cool. I was at a technology conference when the iPad first came out. A woman whipped one out right before a meeting started and people flocked to her side to see it. It was just

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What’s Missing from Your IT?

A lot of our blogs are about "IT things." Antivirus, spam, backups, servers...and other of things most of us don't care about. All of those things are very important for your business. They form the foundation for a safe, secure, reliable IT...

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