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MotherG's Proactive Approach to Microsoft's Recent Warning

Another day and another cyber security concern. Microsoft is warning Windows users to update now, but you’ve heard this message from MotherG and our vCIOs. 

Here’s what we’ve done proactively for you to be in the best position:

  1. Your vCIO has...
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What's A Phishing Scam And Are Your Employees At Risk?

Though it's true that the technology we use on a daily basis has made our lives easier and more convenient, it's unfortunately also made them more dangerous at the same time. According to a study conducted by IBM in association with the Ponemon...

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5 Reasons Proactive IT Solutions Are More Effective Than Reactive IT

In nearly any situation in life, a proactive approach is better than a reactive one. If you foresee an accident at the dinner table, do you move the glass away from the edge of the table, or do you sit there and wait for a child to knock it to...

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