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Tips to Budget and Plan for IT Successfully

Have you ever been stuck deciding why IT budgeting is necessary and how to successfully plan for it?

As the vCIO at MotherG I play an important consultative role for our customers. I found myself asking “what’s in it for my clients” when they decide...

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Who Wants To Save Some Money?

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Defining the Cloud(s)

Sometimes the world of technology moves at a rapid pace (ok, it always moves that way). This can be good, but it also has it's drawbacks. One drawback is sometimes a word or phrase becomes common language but we don't really know what it means....

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Tablets and Business

We can all agree that tablets (such as the iPad) are cool. I was at a technology conference when the iPad first came out. A woman whipped one out right before a meeting started and people flocked to her side to see it. It was just

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2011: IT Plans and Budgeting


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