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Jul 24, 2014 in Our Philosophy on IT

Managed Services Provider Or In-House IT Employee? 4 Misconceptions

What are the issues? A managed network services provider can offer all aspects of IT support with no sick days, paid vacations, training costs, eligibility concerns, workers comp issues, or overtime pay.

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3 Things To Consider When Defining Your Standard Image

The idea of a standard image is one that is typically met with mixed views in any organization.  The executive team wants standardization, uniformity, and security on corporate assets.  End users want to be able to save their pictures, sync their...

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BYOD: Bring Your Own Device

By now, probably only a handful of remote tribes in the middle of the Amazonian forest not yet covered by Verizon don’t have a cell phone. Most industry experts have categorized this revolution under the topic of Bring Your Own Device. It has...

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Predict Your Success By Knowing Your Future

I'm not sure about you, but I like to know whether we're successful or not – before we fail. Financial statements are the ultimate score card. They tell us whether our value proposition to the market is working. It can give us a false sense of...

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__IT Happens!

We all know that __IT happens. Software freezes, servers go down, and hardware breaks - sometimes when you least expect it. Other times it happens just as expected, but the business has overlooked an aging asset, or a faulty piece of equipment,...

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5 Signs That You Should Consider A New Computer

Facing the replacement of a computer can be daunting. What do I do with all that stuff I have accumulated for the last 4 years?

1. It’s Smoking. If the computer breaks, you have to consider replacing it. The cost of fixing a computer can be...

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MotherG's Net Promoter System

NPS is a methodology for improving customer happiness. NPS is simply based on one question: Based on this experience, how likely are you to recommend my company to a friend or colleague? And then asking for comments on how we can improve on that...

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In Times Of Urgency, You Can Always Count On MotherG To Be There

During a recent widespread virus and malware attack, MotherG’s contracted service clients were protected - and suffered no downtime. Several local companies also turned to MotherG in emergency mode because this attack disabled their entire...

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All Clouds Are Not Created Equal

As expected, after Hurricane Sandy hit several people were left without power, food, or shelter. Unexpectedly, some companies were left without their Cloud Services, resulting in both financial and productivity losses. How could that happen?...

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3 Things To Consider When Using Backups

1. Monitor The Backups. A new client we're working with thought they had valid backups. He inserted his tape every evening. Every morning, the tape was ejected as normal. He stored copies offsite. Kept weekly and monthly copies. When we audited...

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