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Nov 15, 2016 in Hackers, Cyber Security, IT

Computer Hackers: Where They Come From & What They Can Do

For years now, computer hackers have held the reputation of gaining access to networks for the purpose of criminal activities such as theft of information, money, identity, or to just wreck havoc. What many people don't know is that not all...

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How To Protect Your Information After A Data Breach

What happened at LastPass back in June?

In June of 2015, LastPass (a password management tool) was targeted by hackers. The resulting security breach quickly became “big news” adding more worry to everyone's mind. People started to wonder if...

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How Password Policies Protect Your Business

MotherG regularly reviews our best practices to ensure we’re providing the experience our clients’ desire.  Recently we updated our security section, specifically password policies.  We are frequently asked, “What’s the best password policy for...

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How Secure Is Your Business from Hackers?

As the focus of IT moves towards the cloud, hackers are turning their attention to larger targets with a higher payoff. While it may not seem worth it for most hackers to attack small to medium businesses, more and more small businesses are being...

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LinkedIn Passwords Stolen

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How Fast Can You Get Hacked?

Any website, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, online shopping or banking requires us to choose a secret password. It can be hard to memorize different passwords for multiple accounts. So what’s the harm in using the same password again? Take this...

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