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Here's What Computer Security Can Do For Your Small Business

The age of the Internet has brought with it an increase in both communication and business opportunities. Businesses are no longer restricted in terms of marketing their products. Nowadays, global marketing can take place with a simple click of...

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What's A Phishing Scam And Are Your Employees At Risk?

Though it's true that the technology we use on a daily basis has made our lives easier and more convenient, it's unfortunately also made them more dangerous at the same time. According to a study conducted by IBM in association with the Ponemon...

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The Most Common Computer Viruses and How You Can Avoid Them

Viruses account for 57% of all computer threats. While virtually all computing devices are susceptible to malware and other invaders, Microsoft programs are especially vulnerable because of their popularity. Viruses typically spread through email...

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Nov 15, 2016 in Hackers, Cyber Security, IT

Computer Hackers: Where They Come From & What They Can Do

For years now, computer hackers have held the reputation of gaining access to networks for the purpose of criminal activities such as theft of information, money, identity, or to just wreck havoc. What many people don't know is that not all...

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