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Why Cloud Security Matters for Your Business

Cloud computing used to be a buzzword thrown around by large enterprises with a reputation for being on the frontier of innovation. Now, it’s something seeping into the realm of small businesses. Moving to the cloud requires a lot of preparation....

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5 Reasons It's Time For The Cloud

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How Secure Is Your Business from Hackers?

As the focus of IT moves towards the cloud, hackers are turning their attention to larger targets with a higher payoff. While it may not seem worth it for most hackers to attack small to medium businesses, more and more small businesses are being...

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Frenzied Move to Cloud…Why?

In a Hurry?  Get moving?  It seems like there is a mad rush to the cloud.  Not sure exactly why.  Sure, there are good reasons to move applications and services to the cloud.  And some equally compelling reasons not to.

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