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Jan 04, 2018 in Backup System, IT Back Up

Why Test Restores Are Vital to Your Business


As a member of the senior management team in an SMB, you know that a test restore of your backed up data has always been important. As the threat of cyber attacks against small businesses increase, conducting test restores is even more...

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Dec 06, 2017 in Cyber Security, Backup System

A 9 Step Approach to Creating  a Disaster Recovery Plan

I got to work late, was trying to blow before my next meeting.  I see an email from company.  I click the link, thinking this is an interesting offer.  I then rush off to my meeting.  As I am listening to the presentation, it occurs to me,...

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Is Your Data And IT Infrastructure Truly Backed Up?

In today’s cybersecurity environment, backups are necessary to ensure a business’s survival in a post-incident or post-disaster scenario. Unfortunately, many businesses don’t have the right backup system in place—and if they do have a backup...

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