The Cost of Getting a Computer Virus


Sometimes it’s an infected application -- other times it’s an unsecured connection. Whatever the source, a computer virus will cost you. The most costly computer virus of all time, MyDoom, caused an estimated $38 billion in damages.

The cost of a computer virus isn’t just monetary -- it can end up costing your company your reputation. We’ve compiled a list of the four most notable costs of a computer virus so you can proactively stop them, instead of reactively fixing the damage.

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1. Lost Files

In addition to damaging programs, reformatting your hard drive, and slowing your computer's speed, viruses can delete files from your computer. This means all the years of work you have stored on your computer could be gone in an instant if you haven’t backed your files up. Imagine losing an important presentation you’ve been working on for a client. It would create major setbacks and cause you considerable stress. For that reason, it’s important to regularly back up your files and ensure your system is security hole free.

2. Current and Future Clients

If you have a client that is expecting results and you suddenly get a computer virus, you may have to put all your work on hold. This could lead to missing important deadlines, thus making your company seem unreliable. If word spreads of this, it could affect your company’s reputation and cause you to lose out on future business opportunities. No one wants to hire a team who struggles to get work done in a timely manner. Therefore, the key is to avoid getting a computer virus in the first place by hiring an IT team that can put preventative measures in place.

3. Computer Rental

If your computer crashes because of a virus, you may need to look into renting a computer while it’s being fixed. The cost to rent a computer can range from $149 to $165 for 3 day’s use according to the The Wall Street Journal. That means renting a computer for merely a week can add up to $1,000. Many computer rental companies will charge you either daily, weekly, or monthly. Cost can vary depending on quantity, length of time, specification, location, and availability. So, depending on how long it takes for a technician to fix your computer or for you to buy a new one, you could be spending a considerable amount of money on renting.

4. Cleanup

Similar to the cost of renting a computer, hiring an expert to remove a virus from your computer can be expensive. You may be tempted to try and fix the problem yourself to avoid paying for this service. Although there are free malware scanners or antivirus programs you can download that remove most standard viruses, they don’t always work. If you’re dealing with a complicated virus or simply have no idea about the inner workings of a computer, your best option is to call in help to fix it.

The Bottom Line

The best way to prevent a computer virus is to partner with an IT vendor who can pinpoint where viruses are likely to attack and stop it in its tracks. You know what you need, but finding it can be challenging. Most IT vendors claim to offer the same thing -- the trick is to pick the one who delivers. Find out how your current IT vendor measures up by taking our quiz.

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