MotherG's Proactive Approach to Microsoft's Recent Warning

Another day and another cyber security concern. Microsoft is warning Windows users to update now, but you’ve heard this message from MotherG and our vCIOs. 

Here’s what we’ve done proactively for you to be in the best position:

  1. Your vCIO has been in conversation with you about Windows 7 end-of-life in January 2020.
  2. MotherG’s team is in communication with you to resolve patch failures. 
  3. We encourage you to reboot your laptops and workstations weekly at minimum. Preventive Maintenance on the Mechanism of Metal Gears.

The US CISA posted an alert this week. Included in the alert are several resources. We suggest the Red Hat advisory that details the issues that apply to x86-64 systems using Intel and AMD processors. The advisory also touches on how this affects Linux products.

Our purpose – to ensure you are aware of what is happening right now. Loving our clients is a core value and open communication is essential to clarity of your roadmap we’ve developed with you. 

Am I at Risk?

Not only is MotherG working behind-the-scenes to provide the latest in safety procedures, but Microsoft addressed the situation with Davey Winder of Forbes stating, “We released security updates in July, and customers who have Windows Update enabled and applied the security updates are protected automatically.”

These patches are implemented by our team on the backend. Each organization has a dedicated “patch day”, always in the wee hours of the morning. When there is a failure, it’s imperative to engage with our team. 

The slightest vulnerability can be found by today’s best hackers.

According Coveware, “Ransomware downtime costs organizations more than $64,000 on average.”

That number is based on a typical business, most attacks are on companies with over 70 employees, Coveware also estimates that the average business has 7 days of downtime due to the attack. 

What is a week of lost business for you? 

We say this as a reminder, not a scare tactic. Please get in the habit of rebooting your machine each day. We recognize that it’s a chore, particularly when you’re working on something that will carry over to the next day, but it has to be done to fully implement the changes that are protecting your machine.

If you're curious.

MotherG takes care of this for you. There is nothing that you need to do. However, we want to keep you educated on how to run updates manually if you choose. It's very simple, just right click the MotherG Eye icon that's been automatically loaded on your machine. Once you do, you’ll see this:

Update Photo


You can choose to run these updates in between our automatic weekly patching day for your organization. However, there's absolutely no need to do so as we handle this for you as your dedicated, proactive partner. 

If you have any additional questions about these issues, your patching schedule or your 18-24 month roadmap, we highly encourage you to reach out to your vCIO.

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