When is it Time to Enlist an IT Vendor?


Your company was founded on expertise -- whether it was to create a product or provide a stellar service. At some point, you’ll ask yourself, “are we able to accomplish what we set out to do?” If any part of you is struggling to say “yes,” there are steps you can take to get back on track.

Sometimes, the simplest solution is to outsource internal functions to true experts -- whether that’s HR, marketing, or even IT.

There are tell-tale signs you should enlist outside help, but if you want these four things, it’s time to think about IT vendors.

1. Improve focus

Your company thrives when it can focus on what it was created to do. However, email issues, slow computer speed, viruses, and other recurring problems can easily steal hours of precious time. When employees are spending their day trying to fix IT issues rather than the job they were hired to do, it can cause a great deal of frustration. In addition, it leads to a decrease in business productivity. If you notice IT issues are starting to rack up hours from your internal team, you should start looking for a vendor.

2. Streamline processes

Many businesses have begun adopting new technologies. However, they lack the expertise to integrate these technologies with old IT systems. This lack of integration can complicate simple processes. For example, employees will have a harder time looking for information and may have to input the same data multiple times. To solve these inefficiencies, you need the help of an IT vendor who can streamline your work through correct implementation and integration.

3. Prepare with backup

If you’ve ever experienced a computer crash, you know the terror that comes with realizing your files were lost and the regret that you didn’t back everything up. Trying to restore your entire system will inevitably cost valuable time and money. For this reason, your company should do regular system backups and have an IT team on hand that is prepared for the worst. Although you may not be able to control events like a computer crash, you can plan ahead so that recovery is easier.

4. Build data security

Small and mid-size businesses run the greatest risk of being hacked because most of them don’t have a security policy. Studies show that 60% of small companies go out of business within six months of a cyber attack according to Coordinated Business Systems. If you’re worried your company is at risk, you need an IT team that can provide a safe and secure environment for all your data. At MotherG, we offer a comprehensive security plan so you can rest easy knowing you’re covered. To learn more about our security offerings, click here.

Bottom Line

With your business, it’s important that you’re working efficiently and productively. With an IT provider ready to fix any computer-related issues and protect your data 24/7, your company can focus on what matters. Contact us to learn more about our solutions and how can help you improve performance.

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