Midwest Mavericks Episode 7: American Society of Safety Professionals

Episode 7 - Jennifer McNelly's childhood was as unique as they come. Growing up, McNelly's father instilled determination as he strived to become a politician with only an 8th Grade education. Her mother exemplified this quality as an Icelandic immigrant. Not to mention McNelly was 1 of 12 children growing up in Alaska before moving to the East Coast.

Service to her country is in McNelly's blood, that drove her to lead national initiatives under two different US Presidents. In this episode, McNelly walks you through how she broke the glass ceiling in manufacturing safety.

As CEO of American Society of Safety Professional, McNelly loves to share a message that benefits both the worker and company. McNelly's top priority is ensuring safety during a grueling day's work. This leads to a conversation on how ROI is achieved by investing in your workforce. Creating an environment where personal well-being isn't jeopardized allows companies to maximize worker production while protecting their family of workers.

     Jennifer McNelly - CEO of American Society of Safety Professionals


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