Midwest Mavericks Episode 4: SquadHelp

Episode 4 - We believe luck is mostly a product of hard work. In this episode, you’ll see how that manifests. We welcome Darpan Munjal, CEO and Founder of SquadHelp, the world's number one naming platform into the studio.

You’ll be fascinated by the twists and turns that lead to the creation of SquadHelp, it’s truly an American Dream. You’ll be enthralled by Munjal’s life as an immigrant, how he rose to be an executive at Sears. You’ll learn how the idea of SquadHelp initially formed and sympathize with the hardest business decision Munjal ever had to make.

Finally, you’ll cheer along side us as Munjal guided SquadHelp into an interactive platform benefiting businesses and individuals around the world.

It's the perfect mixture of inspiration and how a little luck helped Munja become a Midwest Maverick.



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