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Microsoft Global Service Degradation

Microsoft has reported a global service degradation that’s impacting user’s ability to receive inbound messages in Outlook. We want to share how to fix this issue quickly in the most efficent way possible.

It is limited in nature and is not impacting everyone. Microsoft has advised to expect an update at 2:00 PM Central.

Please note that emails to mobile devices and Microsoft’s web portal are not impacted.

Users can access email by opening their browser and navigating to Office.com and signing in with their email credentials. The steps below will guide you.

Should you continue to have trouble, please contact the MotherG Help Desk at 800.676.7374.

Step 1: Navigate to www.office.com and click Sign in

Microsoft - First Step

Step 2: Enter your full email address then click Next

Microsoft - Email

Step 3: Enter your password then click Sign in

Microsoft - Sign In

Step 4: Click the Outlook icon

Microsoft - Outlook Icon

If you've never signed in, please select your time zone at the next prompt. If you have logged in previously, your mailbox will appear.

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