How To Effectively Incorporate IT Changes With Your Staff

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It's often said that people are creatures of habit. This is particularly true in the workplace, where employees adopt routines that they stick with because they're seemingly simple and productive. Because of the resistance to change that many people show, it can be difficult to incorporate IT changes in the workplace. This is particularly true since new technologies can be complex and require a great deal of training. However, they are very useful; keeping up with technology is important for maintaining the integrity of your company's computers and best practices. Fortunately, there are ways to make the transition easier for your staff, which in turn will benefit your bottom line.

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Before Implementation of the Technology

Be sure to consult with your staff before you make any specific decisions on new technology for your business. This way, you can identify problems that are present in the current environment and see which issues need to be addressed. Conduct an investigation to learn which problems exist, how you can streamline your business, and how staff members view the current situation. Openly discuss your decision to implement new technology and bring in an IT managed service provider; your staff will likely be more amenable to changes if they know how they'll impact daily office life.

Additionally, you should do some collaborative planning to ensure the environment is set up for new technology. Emphasize that you're trying to minimize hindrances to their work that the changes may cause, and that the new technology will actually help them in the long run. If the employees are involved with the planning process, they'll be more likely to accept any changes that come their way. Additionally, staff members have the best knowledge on how tasks are completed, so getting their input will reveal what's already in place that could use improvement.

During the Implementation of the Technology

It's ideal to involve your staff with the implementation of the new technology. Although you will likely have to bring in a managed IT service provider for optimal results, you should make sure to involve the staff in the process. It's them who will be using the new technology, after all. You can also incorporate training of the staff members with the implementation process. Employees who set up their own systems will likely be able to better keep up with them, because they'll understanding how they work. They can also identify any unanticipated problems that may come up during the implementation and suggest solutions.

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Evaluation of the Technology

After the technology has been in place for a while, it's a good idea to conduct an evaluation to make sure it's serving its purpose and running smoothly. If there are problems with the technology, you should address them as soon as possible, so they can be worked out without causing an interruption in operations. 

Overall, it helps to involve your staff with the implementation of new technology. With proper planning, your staff will better understand how the new technology will be helpful to them, and the company as a whole.

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