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How Digital Transformation Will Change Traditional IT Support 

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Many small and mid-sized companies are in the reactive mode waiting to see what next tech innovation will crop up. However, it’s more important for these companies to be in a proactive mode when it comes to digital transformation. Digital transformation is all about incorporating new technologies into the business model now. Don’t be the Blockbuster when Netflix shows up.

The Stats on Small and Mid-Sized Companies and Digital Transformation

Surveys indicate that almost 50 percent of small businesses are planning to transform their businesses for the digital future. Yet, only 36 percent are currently engaged in activities to support digital transformation. Mid-sized companies are 2.6 more times to be in the thick in activities to support digital transformation. The main reason why small companies are investing in digital technology is to attract new customers and the streamline operations. At the same time, the main reason why mid-sized companies are investing in digital technology is to keep up with the competition. So, where’s the funding coming from to pay for digital resources.? Surveys reveal that 58 percent of these companies will use existing IT budgets to fund their goals.

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Trends Driving the Digital Transformation

The way employees want to work is changing. Today, nine out of 10 employees don’t conduct business in just one place. Up to 20 percent work away from the workplace. It’s things like real-time communication that allow this to happen. Another change that’s happening is customer expectations. Customers will pay for a better customer experience, and small and mid-sized companies are currently using software like Office 365 and Dynamics 265 to attain enhanced customer information in order to deliver that personal touch for customers.

Many small and mid-sized businesses are moving to the cloud. This technology does the work for companies while boosting security, making IT staff more productive and collecting data to make important business decisions. Today, cloud platforms are empowering small and mid-sized companies. Both small and mid-sized companies want date. It’s the secret weapon that helps them keep pace with customers and the competition. Today, small and mid-sized companies want the same caliber of technology as the big guns.

How to Embrace Digital Transformation

The bottom line is that CIOs need to adopt an IT infrastructure that is agile in order to thrive in an evolving business environment. Cloud native technologies and Big Data cannot be ignored. Companies need to bring strong standardization with infrastructure architecture. This way, the infrastructure is automated and highly scalable. Things like one-touch deployment, configuration management and monitoring solutions should all be embraced. Infrastructure modernization is a must-do; it’s the core of digital transformation. Small and mid-sized businesses can take a buy or build approach. Once companies incorporate digital transformation into their IT technology, there’s a faster time-to-market, and the cost of design is reduced. New applications like social media, mobile computing and analytics should all be a part of the IT infrastructure strategy.

It’s best for small and mid-sized companies to incorporate the latest in digital transformation. It’s time to get in the game and get proactive. To thrive in this digital transformation era, offload that reactive mentality mode your IT staff and IT support are in and embrace an entrepreneurial mindset. Remember, the digital transformation is changing your IT support needs at a fast pace.

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