Here's How An Effective IT Strategy Can Transform Your Business

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Technology is expanding markets, transforming the way businesses compete. Even for small businesses and low-tech companies, technology is necessary to keep pace with changing trends. An effective IT strategy isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. Just as you wouldn't want to race in the Daytona 500 in a minivan, using technology that doesn't meet the needs of your business won't give you the competitive advantage you need.  

When properly implemented, the best IT services and processes allow you to align the needs of your business with emerging market opportunities. Mega-retailer Amazon, well-known for its technology-driven marketing platform and inventory management, began as an online bookstore run out of a garage. Today, at some warehouses, robots deliver merchandise to conveyer belts in the packing department so it can be prepared for shipment. You don't have to be a corporate giant to reap the benefits of business IT services best practices.

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Technology Solutions That Expand Your Platform

With SharePoint, vendors can provide customers with online ordering options as well as real-time order status notifications and updates.  It gives you the flexibility to adapt to changing market trends. You can share information with employees and customers anywhere, anytime, on any device. SharePoint's built-in compliance features keep sensitive information secure.

Power BI is a suite of business analytics that enables you to combine data from multiple sources through a dashboard to quickly gain key insights that help you improve business processes. In real-time, operations managers can monitor capacity, while controllers can evaluate cash restrictions. You can generate visually-engaging reports with automatic data refresh so all your team members have the latest information.

Best Practice Tips

Your technology will be as effective as the strategies you formulate to implement it.  When considering how to develop your IT platform, begin with a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats). Evaluate business processes to identify stress points and unnecessary bottlenecks.

  • Think about areas where improving efficiency could streamline operations and promote business growth.
  • Consider how to better serve your customers. If they're looking for more innovative products, shorter cycles, more payment channels, or a greater variety of ordering choices, think about how you can meet them where they are. Enhanced technology allows you to engage with customers through multiple devices and keep track of their order history and preferences so you can provide excellent customer service and targeted marketing tactics.
  • Cultivate a competitive advantage by working with vendors to customize your ordering system to improve inventory and cash flow, while reducing costs. Business IT services should make it easier to connect with vendors and provide a secure platform for exchanging information.

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Amid all these considerations, determine how technology could optimize all aspects of business operations. Going digital can minimize or eliminate bottlenecks to streamline workflows. Appropriate technology enables you to maintain detailed records of customer data, keep track of your finances, boost employee performance, and provide information and insights to help you make informed decisions to promote the health of your business.

Think Outside the Box

Stay informed about emerging technologies, even if they don't seem practical for your business right now. They could become commonplace sooner than you think. Be creative as you dream about new ways to apply technology to transform how you run your business. While drones and robots may seem out of your reach, they just might be your go-to solutions in a few years. Many businesses have achieved great success because entrepreneurs innovated when others said it couldn't be done. With current business IT services, you'll be in a better position to leverage up-and-coming technologies to your advantage.

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