Why Cloud Computing?

Our last blog described, very simply, what cloud computing is. You may have realized in reading that your business already leverages the power of cloud computing (maybe by using salesforce.com). But what are the benefits of cloud computing for businesses?

If you utilize cloud computing for a business application one of the biggest benefits is accessibility. Employees can access information and data from anywhere they can connect to the Internet. Of course, many applications now also have apps for smart phones, increasing accessibility.

Less Expensive (usually)
Cloud computing often eliminates or minimizes capital expenses. Depending on what you use the cloud for, you may not need to purchase a server or other equipment (an example might be using an Outlook solution in the cloud, eliminating the need for an Exchange server). Cloud services generally are a "pay as you go" solution categorized as an operating expense. You may need to sign a contract, but unlike a piece of equipment, you can cancel or change direction fairly easily from a technical standpoint. Make sure you fully understand the costs though. Some providers might charge maintenance or other fees that can add up.

Cloud computing offers the ability to scale as needed. Add more space, more users, capacity as you grow, and scale back when you need to.

Ability to Focus on Strategic IT
Moving some of your day to day functions to the cloud can free up your IT partner to focus on strategic initiatives. As IT becomes less reliant on traditional networks, it is even more important to have an IT partner that is looking ahead and preparing your business for success.

Cloud computing should be considered as you look at your total IT strategy for 2011. Don't have an IT strategy? Give us a call at (800) 676-7374 and ask how MotherG can help.

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