Who Wants To Save Some Money?

Feeling the pinch? These days, all of us are looking for ways to trim our budgets and operating expenses. After all, who doesn’t like to save money? Here are some key areas that might help reduce your technology budget:

1. IT Infrastructure Outsourcing

The experts recommend outsourcing activities that fall outside your core business expertise.  So, if your business is not about managing technology, consider outsourcing it to an expert.  Managed Service Providers offer fixed fee support offerings that bring a team of experts, with enterprise class support tools, for a fraction of the costs of an in-house staff.  With fewer computer problems, your organization will have lower operating costs, and more productive workers.

2. Virtualization

SMB’s can also see savings from both desktop and server virtualization which can enable small businesses to utilize fewer servers and desktops to maintain the same number of applications while also decreasing electricity consumption and waste heat. These technologies have matured in the enterprise space and now can provide significant savings to the SMB market.

3. Hosted Services

The latest buzz is now big business with offerings from nearly every vendor.  The capabilities for redundancy, high availability uptime, and business continuity/disaster recovery can be cheaply deployed using cloud providers.  Software-as-a Service (SAAS) may be the first place to look - email, document storage, Customer Relationship Management applications, even your ERP system.  It’s important to evaluate on a holistic basis and compare 5 year total cost of ownership between on premise and cloud services, including elimination of hardware and software licenses, bandwidth requirements, training costs, and ongoing support needs.

4. Voice Over IP

Significant savings can be found moving to a hosted VOIP system over the ten year old premise based phone systems with traditional voice services like T1 or copper lines could offer.  If your business has multiple locations, many cell phone users, high annual support costs,  support costs, communication contracts over 3 years old, or have a low tolerance to downtime, VOIP may offer significant cost savings.

5. Managed Print Services

Industry statistics show that 60% of SMB’s currently purchase printer hardware and consumables on a transactional basis.  Companies with more than 10 printers would be a good candidate for a savings/ cost analysis.  By deploying a strategy of controlling where and how documents are printed, managed print services can save up to 30% of operating costs.

When you add them all up, you might be able to buy a new car with the savings – each year!

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