Who Are Your Facebook Friends?

 If you’ve ever received a friend request and thought “I think I knew this person in high school” – your Facebook security is at risk.

Over the years, Facebook users have placed the importance on the number of friends they have instead of who they actually know. They view it as a form of validation, ‘proving’ how interesting others find their Facebook life. However, the focus has shifted to security. Instead of adding and accepting just anyone, people are asking the right question: Who is seeing all my information?

Friend List

The higher your number of friends become, the more likely it is that there are people you rarely, if ever, interact with. Having fewer friends allows you to keep track of those you actively engage with. It‘s easy to forget the impact each post has. Do you think Joe (who you met once at a party) won’t show your pictures to other people? Or that Jenny wouldn’t show your posts to your future boss? What are the odds, right?

These days, social circles often intersect and you’ll find yourself saying, “wow, what a small world!” You never know who might see something you post. The impact of social media is a never-ending web; one post can reach tons of people. It’s not about whether or not you have anything to hide. We hear so many stories about stolen identities, revealing photos being passed on to potential employees, and relationships being unearthed for the world to see. It’s up to you to protect your private information and filter who gets to see it.

Take Initiative

Facebook has convinced us all that finding acquaintances online to share our innermost thoughts is a great idea. Don’t be afraid to differentiate who your friends are and who your online acquaintances are. Just because you know one person on Facebook doesn’t mean you should know their friends too.

Here are some easy ways to mold your friend’s List:

  • Remove friends that send you spam/harmful links
  • Deny random friend requests
  • Remove friends you have never met or don’t know
  • It’s time to take control of your Facebook life; don’t feel guilty if you deny a friend request. Chances are they could be a hacker or stalker. It’s always a good idea to be safe and protect your information. Your Facebook experience should be focused on quality, not quantity.

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