Jun 02, 2016 in Technology & Business / By Dave Davenport

What’s Really Going On With Your IT?


So You Say You’re Fine...

I can’t tell you how many times we hear, “Our IT is fine,” when engaging with a prospective new client.  We talk to hundreds of business executive leaders and owners who are willing to run their business on the feeling that their computers and support are OK.  Maybe they have a person who takes care of it for them, and they like that person.  Maybe they have had the same firm for many years taking care of it, and they experience little or no problems.

It’s The Definition of “Fine” That Matters

It’s the difference between “thinking” and “knowing” that matters most.  Thinking you have a healthy heart is very different than knowing you have clogged arteries even though in both cases you feel fine.

You would never drive your car without changing the oil regularly, checking the oil levels in between because you understand the consequences of not doing so.  And yet, so many business owners stake more than a car’s value on their technology health and well-being.

But It’s Taken Care of For Me

Well…maybe.  Here are some comments we hear from organizations who think they are “fine.”

  • Few or no problems with IT
  • Occasional, or sporadic complaints of:
    • Viruses
    • Slow computers
    • Slow internet or outages
    • “Problem child” user or PC
  • Irregular passwords changes
  • No technology plans or budgets
  • Unplanned expenditures
  • Fluctuations in support bills or expenses
  • Reactive support, i.e. problem happens, support fixes it

Nothing too major, right?  Everything seems OK.  Well, when you think about it, that’s what the technology vendors have done for you.  Microsoft rarely crashes their operating systems anymore.  The malware tools keep most of the problems away from you.

The computers run pretty well, because they are designed to keep running in spite of problems to minimize your downtime.  But – BUT! – like that heart of yours, it will work fine, until it doesn’t.  Then you have major issues!

The lack of problems does not indicate good support or good technology.  It merely indicates lack of noticeable technology outages.

Why accept “think” as an acceptable strategy to one of your organizations most important assets?

MotherG’s Definition of Fine

Here’s an alternative version of fine that is present when working with MotherG.  Notice the nuances.

  • Problem Free. You observe regularly performed preventative maintenance on your systems that prevent problems.  No lingering issues go unreported.
  • Peace of Mind. You know your technology infrastructure is safe, stable and well protected from the regular visits and reports reviewed.  Your dedicated NetAdmin will review the health and well-being with you at least monthly.
  • Plans In Place. No surprises.  Your business has a technology plan in place for the immediate to next three years of operation.  You have a budget aligned with the plan to ensure your business has what it needs to be most productive.
  • Trusted Confidant. Your very own vCIO is there for you to discuss technology ideas, challenges and opportunities without the feeling that someone is trying to lift money from your scarce resources.
  • 24x7 Monitoring & Management. You have a team vigilantly watching over your systems, 24x7,  to ensure your computer network and users are always safe and secure, up and running.
  • Friendly Team Of Experts. 24x7 access to a friendly team of expert engineers who are focused not just on making the technology work, but on your experience with technology.  Ensuring you get what you need.

Knowing everything is OK, is very different than thinking it is. With MotherG’s IT Support, you will always know everything is fine.

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