“The Internet of Things” Trend in Manufacturing Industry

Finally, we are seeing some excitement among our manufacturing clients and the industry as a whole. The trend of U.S. manufacturing growth is likely to continue and some say most likely will accelerate. As one who believes in the power of innovation and the strength of US firms, the indicators are welcome news. One of the most important trends that is driving innovation is mobility and the “Internet of Things.”

But what exactly is the Internet of Things?

As Gartner defined; “sensor networks and the Internet of things”, is the move for every product or service to go digital. Even products like toothbrushes and diapers. Can you imagine a baby’s diaper, with a sensor detecting changes that would send a tweet when wet? Or a toothbrush that times brushing for each side and displays a smiley face once finished, while storing daily brushing patterns in a cloud application.

At MotherG, we are seeing clients with applications designed on iPads for production and quality control for mobile workers. Imagine if sensors were sewn into vests worn by supervisors that detected dangerous air levels or gas leaks while walking production floors. And why not track all those employee steps with Fitbit's wrist bands to determine the most efficient walking path on the production floor.

Google Glass: One of the most promising wearable technologies.


General Motors has deployed a pilot application whereby an assembly process is video captured by glasses, stored and reviewed further for quality control purposes.

Today, every company, even small companies, manufacturing a product or service should be looking at ways to go digital within their product or service.

What is the impact on the technology infrastructure to consider?

  • Emerging mobility will push the demand requirement for robust and secure wireless networks throughout the manufacturing environment.
  • More data will feed Big Data application requirements and premise based IT infrastructure.
  • Cyber Security demands will continue to increase with targets expanding as globalization continues, yes, even for small manufacturing firms.

We'd love to hear your comments about this growing trend in the manufacturing industry. Share your thoughts below!

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