Jan 09, 2015 in Our Philosophy on IT / By Armita Ayrempour

Technology is a Tool, Make Sure Your Partner Isn’t!

Most people don’t intentionally have a partner that they do not respect or think is doing a poor job for them. But you’d be shocked how many organizations we visit that are receiving poor technology advice and support – without really knowing it. And for any business that has the challenges of competition, tight budgets, and increasing market share, you cannot afford to have any non-performing assets – like sub-standard technology. Like a lot of problems – how do you know? Here are a few warning signs that your partner is not doing as much as they should: • No technology Plan. Every business needs a budget and plan to map technology to your business needs. If you don’t, it’s a good indication your partner is not helping your organization leverage the scarce technology dollars and innovation your deserve. • No Asset Plans. Still have XP or Vista? PC’s older than 4 years with no plans to replace? If so, you are experiencing problems and incurring costs that could be better spent giving your users computers that help – not hinder – their job performance. • Employee Complaints. If your users are complaining, and you did not plan for this problem – then someone is not doing the deeper problem analysis to detect and correct chronic network or system problems. • Spam or Virus attacks. Spam should be less than 5 per day. Viruses rare if ever. If you have more than a couple virus attacks a year, or voluminous spam, poor management is present. • Server Room looks like a spaghetti factory. Enough said. The adage of “Where there’s smoke, there’s usually fire!” applies very well here. If you sense that your systems are not as solid as you would expect, give MotherG a call. We help you identify if in fact there is a problem, and what you can do about it. Knowing is better than false hope.

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