Tablets and Business

We can all agree that tablets (such as the iPad) are cool. I was at a technology conference when the iPad first came out. A woman whipped one out right before a meeting started and people flocked to her side to see it. It was just

As alluring as the tablet was (and still is), we all know in business, cool is rarely the goal. We want function. Performance. Efficiency. And perhaps most important - value. For a time, it seemed that tablets were little more than toys. But now, I've heard whispers that major corporations are starting to buy them for their employees. Just this week Robert Half Technology released a report revealing nearly half of CIOs in companies with more than 100 employees felt their use of tablets would increase in the next two years. That's incredible considering tablets are only a few years old.

It makes sense though. Applications and storage are moving to the cloud. Portability is becoming paramount. Innovation abounds around mobile applications. The foundation is being laid for tablets to become a major player in business. 

The time might not be now for you to adopt tablet use for your business. It is the time however to start thinking about it. If you move to tablets, what will you need accessible from the cloud? How will your IT need to be managed? What does this mean for major purchases in the next three years? Your IT support provider should be helping you think through your IT strategy. If they're not, MotherG is just a phone call away.

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