Social Media in the Workplace


Social media sites started off as a way for us to keep in touch with friends, share exciting moments and temporarily cure boredom. As time passed on, the influence of social media started to spread. The boundary between work and personal life has become blurred.  Social media has permeated every corner of our lives – no matter where we are we can’t escape it.

Social Media Debate

With the impact of social media increasing it comes as no surprise that people are starting to take sides. Should companies allow employees to access social media while at work?

Businesses are hungrily helping themselves to the social media pie. Social media is serving as a marketing, brand-enhancing and networking tool.  However, not all businesses are eager to embrace the trend or use it to their advantage. Many companies prohibit access to Facebook and other social networking sites on company computers because they consider such access leads to decreased productivity.


  • Increased productivity: Workers are able to resume work with refreshed concentration when taking breaks on social media.
  • Generation Y: Grown up hooked on social media & other technologies. Their brain is trained to multi-task and accomplish work efficiently. 
  • Recruiting:  Businesses have started to use social media for recruitment. If employees are allowed access to social media at work they can share posts and reach a larger number of people.
  • Business opportunities: Build relationships with clients while utilizing social media for marketing, brand-enhancing and networking.
  • Increased Trust: Employees will feel empowered and trusted if they can use social media in the workplace
  • Impact

    As companies start to pick sides on the social media debate it is important to provide employees with a social networking policy to set certain guidelines. If employees use social media for the benefit of the company they will maintain productivity. Employees can keep track of their contribution to the company’s social media impact.

    Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms have the potential to benefit businesses in ways that have yet to be fully explored. The majority of businesses are using these sites to their advantage. Only time will tell the outcome of this great debate. Whether you like it or not you can’t say bye to Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn anytime soon.

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