Searching for Technology Services: It’s Not About The Technology

You pretty much cannot run your business without technology anymore.  Billing, purchasing, email, e-Commerce, cell phones – the list goes on.  Many businesses look for partners to manage their growing arsenal of technology tools and infrastructure.  Not being technical experts, most business decision makers look for technology experts.  Obvious criteria, right?  Its what they need, right?

Wrong.  Let’s say you were in France and didn’t speak French.   Suppose you were looking for someone to help you communicate.  You would hire an expert French speaker, right?  But what if they did not speak fluent English?  Not much help right?  Ideally, you will find someone who not only speaks fluent English and French, but also understands all your slang and idiom.  (If in doubt, talk to someone from England for a few minutes and you’ll see the importance of idiom.)

Hiring expert technical people for technical support is only half the challenge.  You need someone who speaks business – your Business.  You need someone who can understand your organization’s operations and value proposition so they can leverage technology to gain the most benefit for your investment.

So when you are looking for a good Technology Service firm, you should interview the person or team who will interface with you on setting strategy and tactics for your organization.  This is who you will be interfacing with on a regular basis.

Observe how they communicate with you

  • Do they talk your language, or expect you to understand theirs?
  • Do they probe and ask questions about your needs, or offer immediate advice without thoroughly analyzing the situation?
  • Do they look for the nuance of your business, recognizing your uniqueness, what separates you from your competition, or do they homogenize your needs into technical commonality

A good partner will ensure your technology infrastructure is safe, secure and stable.  A great partner will help technology create leverage and advantage for your business, ensuring you get every penny’s worth of value from your investments.



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