Problem with the Public Cloud

Our last post addressed private, public and hybrid clouds. We briefly discussed some of the differences and advantages and disadvantages.

This Thursday, Amazon Web Services (a public cloud offering that web sites like HootSuite, Foursquare and Netflix use) experienced an outage. Some of it's clients were unaffected totally, but others, such as the web site Reddit, were still down as of this morning.

A public cloud, such as Amazon's, can offer affordable hosted services. But just like any other Internet service, it can go down. What's significant is when a public cloud goes down, there is the potential for many people and businesses to be affected.  The hosting company doesn't just have to take care of one unhappy customer; they have a dozen, or a hundred.

There are absolute advantages to using a public cloud. It may be the right hosting solution for your business. But if you do not have a trusted IT partner clearly defining the opportunities and risks, I encourage you to talk to MotherG.

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