How Overtime Pay Rules Could Affect You


We teamed up with Jim Kendall, business columnist for the Daily Herald and host of our podcast. Twice a month he will interview MotherG on the hottest business and tech topics that are trending.

This isn’t your typical MotherG Talks podcast. Normally our conversations blend small business management and IT topics, but this program has a different focus: Potential and perhaps costly changes in overtime pay rules that likely affect all of us.

Our guest today is Karla Dobbeck, president of Human Resources Techniques in Algonquin.

Episode #5: How Overtime Pay Rules Could Affect You

Listen to this episode to hear Jim and Karla discuss:

  • Changes proposed by the Obama Administration significantly raise the salary threshold for employees now classified as exempt from being paid overtime.
  • How much might I have to raise pay of my exempt employees?
  • Good time to look at workforce.
  • How can we manage these rules and keep payroll/workload balanced?
  • Look at processes and procedures.

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