How to Minimize the Risk of Being a Victim of Ransomware

Did you know 85% of all hacker attempts happen to small businesses?

I was recently interviewed by Barry Moltz, host of Business Insanity Talk Radio about how to minimize your chance of being a victim.

In segment 3 of this show, we discuss:

  • What options do you have if your small business is attacked by hackers?
  • How much do small businesses pay in ransom?
  • What security systems are needed to prevent being a victim in the first place?
  • What do these attacks look like?

Bonus:  Segment 1 features one of the co-founders of Wired Magazine, Kevin Kelly, about what he sees as the inevitable technological forces that will shape our future and Segment 2 features Michael Dermer of the Lonely Entrepreneur, who talks politics.

Click here to hear the show

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