Meet Malware: Virus' Mean Cousin

Malware doesn't sound like something you want to mess with at work. Malware (aka malicious software) just  sounds...scary. That's because it is! Malware's  sole goal is to gain unauthorized access to computer systems, interrupt computer performance, or gather private information. This term is generally used to describe viruses, spyware, worms, or anything else that is designed to harm your computer or steal information. A common misconception is that Malware is the same as a virus; however a virus is a program that copies itself and then spreads from file to file and then PC to PC. Antivirus software that is updated regularly can protect against viruses but since Malware is not a virus your anti-virus software won’t protect you.

How Am I At Risk?

You may be asking yourself…well how am I at risk? Malware disguises itself as legal software that can log and spread your private information which can include: passwords, bank or credit card numbers, and even your social security number. It can attack while you are surfing the web or downloading files. If you start noticing pop-ups, spam, or redirections then there is a good chance your computer has already been infected by Malware. Now, as if everything previously mentioned wasn't bad enough, picture the scenario: you are researching a new product at work and all of a sudden you’re bombarded by ads that redirect you to pornographic or phishing sites! This would make for an uncomfortable work-place experience. Do not ignore these warning signs; they will slow down and cause harm to your computer.

There Is A Solution!

Fear not! There is some good news…there is a solution! Just like anti-virus software protects you from viruses, Anti-Malware software can increase your business security and protect you against the theft of your private information or being forced to wipe your computer's memory.

MotherG provides Anti-Malware software to all our managed services clients as part of our security suite. It is an inexpensive and important tool for protecting your business. It's an important part of having a secure, well-managed IT environment. Your technology infrastructure will thank you! Contact us at MotherG to learn more.

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