Jul 24, 2014 in Our Philosophy on IT / By David Herbes

Managed Services Provider Or In-House IT Employee? 4 Misconceptions

mgWhat are the issues? A managed network services provider can offer all aspects of IT support with no sick days, paid vacations, training costs, eligibility concerns, workers comp issues, or overtime pay.

1. But, Internal IT resources can offer a faster response time…

The reality is that a competent managed network services partner employing Remote Monitoring/Management tools  will meet and exceed the in-house response time rates. What if the internal resource is busy on a project, or working another major issue? How fast will his/her response be in that circumstance? A world class partner will proactively implement best practices that greatly reduce the need for reactive responses which should be the more important goal.

2. Our business is so unique that only a long-term IT employee can understand it…

This may be true with specific custom application software for lines of business. The reality is, there are many different line of business applications and all customers are unique. Practical experience has shown with hundreds of unique SMB customers, the common requirements greatly exceed the minority uniqueness. Further, a good managed services provider who assigns a resource to the client can develop similar knowledge of the unique workings of a client.

3. In house IT provides more control over Internal IT processes…

More accurately, in-house IT resources lack the best practice knowledge, experience, and project management to offer sound internal controls and strategic guidance. Experience and process driven results can offer more control from external resources focused on fixed fee services or projects, leaving more time to focus on the business.

4. Outsourced IT services are more expensive that in-house…

The reality is, in-house employees only appear less expensive but are almost always more expensive than a managed service provider. The key to understanding this nuance is to look deeper at the total cost of technology. What is the impact of a user waiting for a problem to be repaired? A flaky system that causes slowness? The reluctant IT support from internal resources that are called to fix a problem instead of their normal job? Poor decisions for technology that results in higher costs with less results, Implemented poorly?

The total cost of technology and more so the total value to the organization from an internal resource never matches what a professional firm can deliver to the organization from strategy to proactive management to reactive responsiveness.

These are just a few misconceptions about managed services providers and in-house IT employees. If you have any insights or would like to share your perspective, we’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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