Lack of Expert Guidance = Costly Mistakes?

What is the Value of a Technology Partner’s Expert Guidance?

We are engaged as an IT Managed Services partner by a midsize manufacturing firm with 5 locations across North America.  We handle both desktop and server support remotely and most of the IT functions.   Since we are a converged voice/data services partner,   we have the opportunity to offer periodic business reviews to assess telephony contracts and costs.

One Case:

In the process of designing a business continuity solution for both voice and data, several significant areas of cost savings were identified and re-contracted.   In this particular case, the long distance costs for intercompany and International calls to their Mexico and Caribbean locations were on expired contracts with outrageous per minute rates.

The telecom savings identified over 4 sites in this case, amounted to $7,332 per month or $87,984 annually on a monthly bill of $12,070.  Included in the total savings were two circuits, out of use, but still billed and paid for monthly.

Individual phone bills are potentially full of errors, it can be more complex for business services in the corporate world.  We have also noticed that many companies simply bypass the IT department and pay telephony costs as part of routine office expenses,  this is especially true with remote offices or sister divisions.

Happy Ending:

A “trusted business partner” can provide real value given the opportunity, in this case, complete justification and ROI for a state of the art communications system.

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