Java: What You Need To Know

On Thursday, the world learned that hackers were using an undocumented security hole in Java to break into computers. On Sunday, January 13th, Oracle released a patch for Java version 7. This is meant to address vulnerability in the software that hackers are exploiting.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) states that all versions of Java 7 through update 10 are affected, and that web browsers using the java 7 plug-in are at high risk.

What is Java?
Java is a widely used technical language that allows computer programmers to write an extensive variety of Internet applications and other software programs that can run on almost any computer’s operating system.

What should I do?
Oracle addressed this security threat by releasing Java SE 7 update 11. MotherG highly recommends updating to Java SE 7 Update. Oracle provides instructions on how to update the software patch on its website.

Please note that although the software vulnerability has been fixed by way of this update, there may still be bugs in the software. Whether using security software or basic safety measures, it is vital that you take necessary precautions when using the Internet.

Do I have Java? How do I know?
The easiest way to know is to visit this link and click the “Do I have Java” link located right under the big red “Download Java” button.

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