Is Hosted VOIP Right For Your Business?


Hosted VOIP is gaining traction in the world of data / voice convergence. Many people ask about the features of Hosted VOIP, to see if it’s right for their company. I’ve made a quick chart to illustrate the feature set of a newly purchased on-premise PBX versus the feature set of a current Hosted VOIP system.



New on-premise PBX

Current Hosted VOIP

Everything an on-premise PBX can do




On a serious note, todays Hosted VOIP systems can perform all of the functions you know and love, such as find-me-follow-me, voicemail to email, etc. Where Hosted VOIP really gets interesting is in some of the features surrounding it, rather than the speeds and feeds.

Cloud phone numbers - the ability to put phone numbers in the cloud and use them wherever you want. Phone numbers are no longer bound by geographic locations, so you can obtain local phone numbers in different area codes.

Web based management - Management of your phone numbers and VOIP system in the cloud is simpler than ever. No more clunky software to manage your phone system, you can do it all from a web based portal that is as easy to use as your favorite cloud email like Gmail or Hotmail.

Web dashboard - Typically built-in to the web management interface, a dashboard can show you real time call status, company directory information, and allow you to make quick changes to things like Do Not Disturb.

Cell phone integration - You can forward your calls to your cell phone, then use VOIP functions from your personal device. This feature empowers employees to move around and not be tied to their handset. Since the call is still passing through their Hosted VOIP provider, they can still do things like transfer a call to someone else in the company.

Browser and Outlook integration - Commonly called “Click-to-Dial”, add-ons for your PC enable you to make calls simply by clicking a phone number on a webpage or in your email.

Interesting right?  Want to know more? Stay tuned to the MotherG blog to find out about the ROI of a Hosted VOIP solution on Thursday, March 14!

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