IBM Kicks Siri to the Curb!

Can Siri keep your company’s secrets? IBM doesn’t think so and they aren’t taking any chances. The company banned Siri because the application converts spoken queries to text and processes them on apple servers.  IBM fears that this might allow sensitive information to escape.  Corporations are still figuring out what kinds of risks Siri and voice dictation could present.

The biggest concern is the underlying fact that Apple has not clarified how long the data is stored and who has access to it. The thought of employees’ spoken data being stored on Apple’s servers is terrifying for companies – after all their confidential information could be at risk.

Many companies have been hesitant to follow in IBM’s footsteps. This could be because voice communication is thought of as transient but Siri transforms the voice recordings to text. What makes this issue even more complicated is BYOD (bring your own device).  BYOD is on the rise and with it comes more security issues. It won’t be long until more companies take a second look at their security.

For Apple, the more data is stored on the servers the better Siri becomes. We can expect companies to demand clear-cut answers from Apple the more security issues and questions arise.

Has Siri landed on your company’s blacklist yet?

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