Give your IT a Spring Cleaning

March is right around the corner, and we all know what that means...March Madness, and spring cleaning – yes, even your

technology is in need of a good spring cleaning!

Here’s a spring cleaning list for your IT:

• Users
Many companies have user accounts that still exist for people that have left the company. These stale accounts are potential security risks. If you don’t actively use the account, delete it!

• User Data
This goes hand in hand with old users. Many companies do not remove old users “My Documents” from the server, or remove their email from the email server. Archiving this data onto removable storage can lessen the load on your server, and decrease the size of your backups.

• Unstructured Data
This is probably the toughest category to tackle. Through everyday use, data gets copied, moved, or becomes obsolete. The danger here is that stale or duplicate data can adversely affect your backups or even push you to upgrade storage prematurely. Is your server really running out of space, or did someone copy the entire “public” folder by accident at some point? Work with your IT partner to determine when the last modified date is for files on your server, and to help determine if there is any redundant data that can be eliminated or archived.

• Assets
Everyone has a handful of computers that are obsolete, don’t work, etc. I’m guessing they’re stuck in a closet somewhere, or in the mailroom, or near the server. Get rid of them! See our blog on INSERT DATE HERE for proper removal of these and other equipment, such as batteries, monitors, and cell phones.

• Wiring
Messy wiring in the server room can lead to longer downtimes and accidental unplugging of mission critical equipment. Work with your IT provider to clean up (and document) the wiring in your server room, conference rooms, and any other equipment hub.

• Software
Legacy applications that no one uses anymore add overhead to the system, can conflict with other applications, or prevent certain updates from being installed. Consult the end users before removing programs. Some programs, like tax software, may only be used once a year but are still vital to the organization.

Take this opportunity to clean up your IT infrastructure, and reap the benefits of a clean IT infrastructure for the rest of the year!

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