Ged Rid of Old Technology Once and for All

Go Green for St. Patrick’s Day!

Uncertainty / Awareness

The average person doesn’t know what to do with old technology. Can I just throw this desktop out? What about this monitor? Cell phones? That’s the reason every business has a room with ancient PCs and other equipment. You know the one, where there’s a box of Blackberrys from the 90s on the shelf, and CRT monitors stacked in the corner. You can’t just throw this stuff out. CRT monitors contain lead and batteries that will breakdown and leak toxins into the earth. That’s terrible for the environment! Not to mention that in some states it’s also against the law. For example, in Illinois a law went into effect in Jan 2012 that actually makes throwing out electronics illegal, as a part of the Recycling and Reuse Act.

I want to help, what do I do?
Certain vendors such as HP and Dell will actually accept their old equipment back and recycle it for you. There are also many local recycling areas that will accept electronics. Some will even come pick them up at your business. Recycling isn’t just limited to computers or monitors either. Additional items to look for are laptops, cell phones, televisions, iPods, DVD players, printers, toner cartridges, etc.

Other things to think about
There are other ways to go green around the office. Areas to consider are printing, heating and cooling, and even lighting. Think twice before you print that email. Could the temperature be adjusted one or two degrees? I recently received information about a lighting company that does an audit of your business and will show you ways to replace lighting fixtures and bulbs that will reduce your electric bill. One of their projects had a projected 18 month ROI. After the implementation, it actually turned out their breakeven point was just after month 7th. That’s a great example of how going green can help both your company and the environment! This spring, think about how you can go green. Work with MotherG to help save Mother Earth!

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