Mar 17, 2016 in Security, Podcast / By Dave Davenport

Cyber Security: Huge Risk To Small Businesses?

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“It's not just the big businesses that need to step up their cyber security plan. Small and mid-sized businesses are essentially as vulnerable to cyber attacks as the corporate giants."

Twice a month we team up with Jim Kendall, business columnist for the Daily Herald and host of our podcast. He will interview MotherG on the hottest business and tech topics that are trending.

On this episode we have a special guest joining the conversation, George Vroustouris, an Identity Protection Advisor and founder of Undo Identity Theft.

Episode #4: Cyber Security: Huge Risk To Small Businesses?

Listen to this episode to hear Dave and George discuss:

  • How serious is the cyber threat for smaller businesses?
  • Email breaches in the workplace
  • Small businesses have sensitive data that can be hacked
  • How to protect yourself from a technology standpoint
  • End user training on security: why they should follow the policies set in place
  • Rules to follow to stay safe and avoid breaches
  • Many businesses go out of business in 6 months after being hacked
  • How employees can keep their information and the company's information safe
  • How complicated is it to set up the policy and the training for employees?
  • Proactive approach makes a difference

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