Aug 07, 2014 in Technology & Business / By David Herbes

The Cloud Trend Could Increase Remote IT Support

Many small businesses face significant challenges with IT support for their environment. Historically, they started a break-fix relationship with a  small independent support provider. This meant that their provider would only visit to install new technology or resolve issues when they were called on. The challenge was timing, and receiving support when it was most needed. As the small independent provider added new clients it became increasingly difficult to get the same level of support and individual attention required.clouds

As the demands for IT technology increased many firms felt the need to hire internal  IT support resources to manage their technology. The premise was that they would receive immediate attention on technology issues and management could identify an internal resource to be held accountable. The rationale was that internal IT support could be trained on company specific environments and be in a better position to support the system. Unfortunately, many times budget constraints hold back the IT Support resources from being properly trained.

The Cloud trend has gained momentum in recent years because the cost of dedicated premise based systems and support have increased and the complexity of systems and business demands for technology have skyrocketed. The cloud movement has enhanced technology for remote access and control while decoupling the requirements to have premise-based support and access to the server room. The cloud trend has continuously built the case for remote IT Support.

There just isn’t an end user requirement for onsite IT support in today’s cloud data center. Data centers incorporate the highest level of redundancy and environmental controls to ensure non-stop operations. Even with private cloud environments, remote server technology eliminates the need for daily on site resources.

More and more businesses are evaluating if the cloud is the right move for their business. What is your perspective on the cloud trend? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below!


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