Cloud Computing is Number One!

Part of MotherG's job as an IT managed services company involves staying on top of technology trends. We need to know what's happening in technology, specifically business technology. Our clients look to us to make recommendations about how IT can help them run their business faster, smarter, cheaper.

A good source for any IT research or trend insight is Gartner. Gartner recently released their Top 10 Technologies for 2011. Want to know what the number one technology for 2011 is? It's something you've probably heard about recently - cloud computing.

Cloud computing is not new, but it's just now becoming a more comfortable term for most business people. However, I think at times we hear technical terms and think we understand what they mean, but don't necessarily understand how it can help us (or more importantly, help our businesses). So here is a quick definition of cloud computing. Our next blog will delve into the reasons why it could be useful for your business. Don't forget to engage your IT managed services partner in a discussion about how it could work for your specific business (and Mother is always happy to talk).

A very simple definition of cloud computing is: using the internet (the "cloud") to access information, data, applications, tools that you use on your computer. So instead of having all your pictures stored on your desktop (where you can only access them from your desktop) they are stored on Flickr. is another resource. Cloud computing takes the services and tasks our computers do, and moves it to the internet.

So how can this help your business? Stay tuned (and if you can't wait, call MotherG at 800.676.7374).

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