Does Your Business Look At Technology The Wrong Way?

Does Your Business Look At Technology

Every company views technology differently. They can either be technology convenient, technology dependent, or technology critical. Let's dive deeper into the differences between these views and help you identify how your business views technology.

1. Technology Convenient

These are companies that treat technology almost as a “necessary evil” that they must use, but is inconvenient and annoying. It’s thought of as an expense to be minimized, even by hampering their own employees and their productivity. They treat their IT managed service provider as a vendor and the support of technology as a commodity. It's something that can be easily acquired, seemingly straight forward to compare, and easy to replace.

The majority of these companies are still in the “reactive” or fee for service support model, which is very cost ineffective and in the long run, ends up be very inconvenient. They react to the problems caused by technology, but they don’t prevent them, which wastes precious time.

There are lots of small IT support companies that cater to this group providing low cost low value services, for short term projects or ongoing maintenance.

note: Typically, this company’s technological needs aren’t very complex, therefore don’t always require the services of an IT managed service provider like MotherG.

2. Technology Dependent

These companies are dependent on technology as a critical tool that enhances business functionality and shortens the time it takes to accomplish even the most basic tasks like sending emails. They acknowledge that their most important asset is their people and will make investments to increase employee productivity and in turn their competitive advantage.

They view their managed service provider as a trusted strategic advisor, who can bring expertise and deliver proactive approaches for technology management. Companies in this category also typically have strategic 3-5 year business plans that incorporate technology as a driver for new business growth.

These companies believe that a holistic approach to technology management minimizes business risk, increases employee productivity and satisfaction, and allows the company to focus on growing their business.

note: These are the companies that align well with MotherG’s vision for small business technology.

3. Technology Critical

Most often these companies are delivering technology solutions to their customers. There are many different variations of companies that may fall into this category like software companies, equity trading firms, and telecommunication providers. These companies incorporate technology in their own solution to their customers.

note: This is typically not an area that MotherG services in general.

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