Apr 21, 2016 in Security, Podcast / By Armita Ayrempour

How To Avoid Becoming The Next Victim of Ransomware


Twice a month we team up with Jim Kendall, business columnist for the Daily Herald and host of our podcast. He will interview MotherG on the hottest business and tech topics that are trending.

On this episode we will discuss best practices and tips to look out for when dealing with Ransomeware.

Episode #6: How to avoid becoming the next victim of Ransomware

Listen to this episode to hear Dave and Jim discuss:

  • Why is there an increase in Ransomware attacks?
  • Ransomware locks up your networks and files
  • What should I do if I'm the victim of a Ransomware attack?
  • How do I prevent a Ransomware attack?
  • Signs & best practices to follow
  • User education and training
  • Rules to follow to stay safe and avoid breaches

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