5 Reasons It's Time For The Cloud

The writing is on the wall, the cloud movement is here to stay and is growing rapidly.  The question is when does it make sense for your technology to move to the cloud?  The first “no-brainer” application to move to the cloud is e-mail.  Here are 5 reasons:

1) Access Anywhere:

Wouldn’t you like your corporate email as simple to get to as your personal email accounts? Do you have issues with calendars synchronization?  What about e-mail from my iPad? Cloud based email provides access from any browser device without VPN’s and more application software.

2) Built in Backup/Disaster Recovery:

How about not spending time or worry about backing up your email database? Or even those locally saved e-mails?  Office 365 in the cloud includes 25GB of storage at a secure data center with built in redundancy and failover.

3) Reduced Costs:

The Total Cost of Ownership for backup software, storage devices, and management time far exceed the cloud email costs at $5/user/month.   If only 20% of your costs are attributed to email, the growth of business email has increased the TCO for in house email users at close to the same rates.

4) Easier Support:

Office 365 is hosted, developed, and supported by Microsoft providing access to teams of engineers that are intimate with the applications.  Do you need support on Office applications, Sharepoint document storage, Unified communications, and email messaging,  its all combined.

5) Peace of Mind:

Knowing your business correspondence and messaging platform is secure, backed up, available anywhere, and provided by the tool developer is comforting as a business owner.

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