5 LinkedIn Tips Everyone Should Know

What can LinkedIn do for your business?

Think of your LinkedIn profile like it’s your enhanced business card—an easy way for your peers to decide if you’re relevant or not to what they care about. This holds true for company pages on LinkedIn as well. With LinkedIn gaining more members every single day, now is the time for your company and your employees to get on the LinkedIn bandwagon. Together—those voices and connections—will work as one to put forth a consistent company message.

Here are the top 5 tips to help you get started:

1. Pictures

What does your profile picture say to the world? Having an unprofessional employee profile photo—or even worse, no photo at all can hurt your profile.

LinkedIn’s research has suggested that a profile with a photo is seven times more likely to be viewed! Your profile picture is your first impression. Photos that are blurry or taken at a party are inappropriate; it’s better to save those types of photos for Facebook. A profile with no photo is a red flag and can look fake. Having professional LinkedIn photos ensures consistency and a positive image for both employees and the company.

 2. Company Information

Create standard verbiage for the overview section of your LinkedIn company page. Once this is completed encourage your employees to add it to the job experience and summary section on their LinkedIn pages.

3. Search

LinkedIn is the world’s largest database of business professionals. Companies can use this database to find customers, business partners, job candidates—the opportunities are endless. Create guidelines for employees to find the right people on LinkedIn; this will help the company with business development.

4. Groups

Encourage employees to join and contribute to groups on LinkedIn. Find groups that relate to your industry and groups that your customers belong to. This is the best place to discuss ideas and share knowledge on similar topics.

5. Company Page

The company page acts as the outline for your company.  It is essential that you include your services, products and job opportunities on the company page. Followers can write recommendations and inspire other people to start following your company. Use the company update section to spread company news like awards, blogs and other PR efforts.

LinkedIn has over 255 million members. It’s time to join them and make a social impact that benefits you and your company. Make sure the boundary between social media at work and home is not blurred; define your social media policy for your company and employees.


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