Nov 19, 2015 in Technology & Business / By David Herbes

4 Reasons You Must Include Your Technology Partner In Budget Planning


Every business uses computers to manage their data and effectively communicate with employees, customers, partners, and shareholders. In today’s world of electronic wizardry, why does it make sense to include your IT partner in Budget planning?

Let's take a look at the top 4 reasons your technology partner is essential during budget planning.

1. Control Costs

Everything that is reported on and budgeted for can be controlled. But who has the expertise to specify the correct IT component that will derive business value?

Your IT Partner should provide options and advise when is the best time to purchase, at quarter and fiscal year end. Savvy IT Partners may also offer OPEX or “Haas”(Hardware as a service) arrangements to eliminate large CAPEX budget hurdles.

2. Keep Equipment Current

Your equipment life-cycle needs to be planned and monitored in order to reduce risk. A primary server, or operating system software that is no longer supported represents a risk to your organization.

Usually a lower cost option may be available that can prolong the life-cycle at a lower cost.

3. Ensure Employees Have The Tools They Need

If employees don't have the proper tools to do their job they are unable to work efficiently. The strategic guidance from your IT Partner provides expert advice on the price/performance of IT systems and the impact on costs, lost productivity, employee morale, and reduced profit potential.

4. Align Technology and Strategic Business Goals

Having a Technology road map will align employees on the direction of the business and the necessary tools to reach the end goal.

Employees and management gain peace of mind that a plan is in place that aligns with the business.

Get Started

If you invest in technology the right way, it can be a powerful tool for your organization. Make sure your IT managed services provider understand your business needs so that the technology can support your key functions.


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