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Coronavirus: 5 Questions to Prepare Your Business to Work From Home

Novel Coronavirus known as COVID-19 is causing a lot of concern and confusion for individuals and businesses. Here are five questions we used to form our “Emergency Work from Home” Protocol, which has been enabled for COVID-19.  These questions...

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8 Warning Signs It's Time To Change Your Managed Services Provider

Information Technology is often considered a necessary evil both small and midsize businesses should have, but find inconvenient. These days, getting adequate support for IT has become far more important than it used to be. Hiring the right...

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How To Protect Your Information After A Data Breach

What happened at LastPass back in June?

In June of 2015, LastPass (a password management tool) was targeted by hackers. The resulting security breach quickly became “big news” adding more worry to everyone's mind. People started to wonder if...

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Warning: 5 Things You Need To Know About Password Security

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Tips to Budget and Plan for IT Successfully

Have you ever been stuck deciding why IT budgeting is necessary and how to successfully plan for it?

As the vCIO at MotherG I play an important consultative role for our customers. I found myself asking “what’s in it for my clients” when they decide...

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Warning: Are You Getting Poor Strategic Advice?

One of the most important aspects of a managed service provider’s offering is the “Strategic IT Guidance” of the VCIO. There are myriad solutions, products, directions, options, etc. The technology changes so quickly, it’s difficult just to keep...

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5 Things an IT Assessment Should Tell You

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How to be Smart about VoIP

ROI: what to consider for a voice over IP (VoIP) system? Voice over IP solutions have gained a lot of attraction in recent years. Far away are the days when a VoIP implementation was more of an “experimentation” than anything else. Mixed results...

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How To Reduce IT Support Costs

What can SMBs do to reduce IT support costs and also get some other benefits?

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Hey SMBs! What Can SOE Do For You?

Hey SMBs! What can a Standard Operating Environment (SOE) do for you?

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